Discover "Hybris" (2017) and "Blooming" (2014).

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Talvienkeli Blooming EP Cover



"Fight" (live at Rock'n Eat Live, august, 27, 2019)

"Scream-Her" (Hybris, 2017)

"Atlas" (Hybris, 2017)


Reviews of our first album « Hybris », released in 2017

« Hybris proves to be an interesting and, in many ways, a surprising album […]. We have here a really good band that we must follow closely. »
Mark 3,5/5 by Inviato Da Virgilo, All around metal (IT)


« An intense and fascinting album for a group that is positioned above average. It will surprise the lovers of the genre thanks to the originality of the composition which makes all the diference. »
Mark 8,5/10 by Alberto Centenari, Metal Eyes (IT)


« This might be the first progressive metal album that really speaks to me […]. Hybris is a very good album for people who are trying to get into progressive metal, while they are already big fans of symphonic metal. »
By Tamar, Lyrical Spell magazine


« Talvienkeli succeded in its bet and set out to conquer the world with this symphonic metal, tinged with progressive metal, album. It has not failed to imbue us with its visual and musical universe. Listening to the album just a few times is enough to anchor the most catchy melodies in your head […]. »
Mark 8/10 by Axel C., La Grosse Radio (FR)


« This is very complex and intriguing album with a superb story thread running all the way through it […]. True the album will not be everyone's cup of tea, but will appeal to fans who like the progressive side of symphonic music without the usual operatic flavoured vocals. This album is definitely worth checking out. Myself I love it. »
Mark 10/10 by Graham Letchford, Black Phoenix Rising


« Between the metal explosions and the introspective breaks, Hybris reveals a strong but delicate soul [...]. Talvienkeli chose the most tortuous approach of symphonic metal but succeeded with the intention of preserving an extravagant temper without half measure. »
By Di Hadrianus, Ver Sacrum (IT)


« Talvienkeli produced a singular album, structured-like a labyrinth, which map can be found in the accurate listening of this materpiece of the prog scene ; Hybris goes beyond the threshold of the usual and schematic conformity. It opens a door on the listener's spirit to implant the memory of an album which will take your breath away. »
Mark 80/100 by Marco Durst, Insane Voice Labyrinth (IT)


« Talvienkeli provides a sample of talent number one which arouses our curiosity through the style of writing of the songs and the emotions experiened during the dramatic parts of the album. »
By Christian Wögerbauer, Vampster (GE)


« This album gives you a minute to implode and reassure all that is worthy of recognition and therefore continuation within your appreciation, an opening to a world of fantasy within the same walls of your reality […]. This record shows a band in pursuit of its own style with a very close range to obtaining it, a flawless work behind the mixing board adds up on quality and essence to this work. »
By Joganegar, Metal Temple


Live reviews

« I like their style. We are not listening to repetitive music. Besides, the singer has an incredible voice but she doesn't overdo it. Just the perfect balance ! I wanted to see them on stage for a long time and now I have, I don't regret it. »
By LeWebZineDeTi-Rikou, live @Blogg (Lyon), 20/10/16


Reviews of our first EP « Blooming », released in November 2014

« Talvienkeli has a lot of interesting ideas, the musiciens are good and all the artworks of the EP are excellent. »
By Frank Sakis, RockHardGreece (GR)


« I could write entiere pages about all impressions I had while I was listening to the EP, but I am stopping right now, finishing with a simple ''Parbleu ! Magnifique !'' »
Mark 85/100, by Samantha Pigot, ThePitOfTheDamned (IT)


« Talvienkeli have produced quality EP which is both high powered ans combines a great mixture of styles. […] On this evidence I hope its not too long before we are treated to a full album by this very promising band. Recommended listening... »
Mark 9/10, by femmepower, Black Phoenix Rising (GB)


« So, I have one question in my mind : when will we have the album ??? Because this band has got all that is required to do a good job, and we will certainly hear about them in the near future – at any rate they deserve it !
May the holy inspiration be your guide and gave us a first album which will made of you a key french band !!! »
By Ivan, Nanook (FR)