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Our first EP, « Blooming », released on November 2014.

Talvienkeli Blooming EP Cover



« Atlas », official lyric video from Hybris


Live reviews

« I like their style. We are not listening to repetitive music. Besides, the singer has an incredible voice but she doesn't overdo it. Just the perfect balance ! I wanted to see them on stage for a long time and now I have, I don't regret it. »
By LeWebZineDeTi-Rikou, live @Blogg (Lyon), 20/10/16


Reviews of our firts EP « Blooming », released in November 2014

« Talvienkeli has a lot of interesting ideas, the musiciens are good and all the artworks of the EP are excellent. »
By Frank Sakis, RockHardGreece (GR)


« I could write entiere pages about all impressions I had while I was listening to the EP, but I am stopping right now, finishing with a simple ''Parbleu ! Magnifique !'' »
Mark 85/100, by Samantha Pigot, ThePitOfTheDamned (IT)


« Talvienkeli have produced quality EP which is both high powered ans combines a great mixture of styles. […] On this evidence I hope its not too long before we are treated to a full album by this very promising band. Recommended listening... »
Mark 9/10, by femmepower, Black Phoenix Rising (GB)


« So, I have one question in my mind : when will we have the album ??? Because this band has got all that is required to do a good job, and we will certainly hear about them in the near future – at any rate they deserve it !
May the holy inspiration be your guide and gave us a first album which will made of you a key french band !!! »
By Ivan, Nanook (FR)